Friday, January 06, 2006


16.6 buys a LOT of popup ads. Reports - FORTUNE 500 MARKETING CHIEFS TO INCREASE ONLINE SPENDING Ad Budgets By 30%. Overall online advertising spending is expected to increase 32% over last year to $16.6 billion for 2006.

I'd rather see $600 MILLION of that transferred to the States, instead of MY computer Screen. Wouldn't YOU?

In January, 2006 The Pennsylvania Legislature introduced a 6% Sales Tax on Advertising (STONA), to " help lessen the burden of property taxes. ”

Homeowners would average about $900 annual saving.

The plan would make it possible to cut school property taxes on owner-occupied residences at least 40 percent.

Pennsylvania generates $225 billion each year. A 6% STONA would transfer 13.5 billion annually of that money to the state.

It is expected some of the money will go to finance Education.

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